Thursday 25 July 2013

A Million Reasons to Visit

We have something for everyone.  We mean that.  Really.

People who have shopped with us before often bring their friends & family in on new visits because of all the unique things we have in our showroom.

Right next to our dining room groupings you'll find vintage beer bottles & beer cans from decades past. 
Old Fashioned Beer Bottles

These aren't meant for returns to the beer store for a nickel!

Antique Gaslight Lantern
Part of the experience of coming to Harris Furniture & Antiques is browsing our store and keeping a sharp eye for all of the collectors items available in the showroom.

Many of our shoppers end up spending the better part of the morning or afternoon walking lazily from one end of the showroom to the next, and often back again. 

With such an eclectic mix of both new furnishings, antique furniture, and a diverse array of collectibles for your hobby we've become a destination for cottagers and homeowners in the Parry Sound and Muskoka areas.
Something for the Fisherman at Home
When Customers Say: "We came in to browse & look around".  
Our reply : "We encourage that." 

We know that when you're shopping for furniture for the home and cottage there's a lot of different ways to do it.  You can do the box-store thing and furnish your home with mass produced items from overseas.  

Antique Woodworking Tools
We offer an alternative that is neither snooty or pretentious.  Just fun.

For something different visit our showroom & be comfortable knowing you can take your time, pick up items, Tweet or Intagram them if you want your friends to see the cool stuff we have - and if you like something special we'll be around to help you.

If you're in Parry Sound or the surrounding areas be sure to mark Harris Furniture & Antiques on your list of stops for the day.

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