Monday 13 January 2014

What's The Right Mattress Type for Me?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like you just fell asleep? This may be because you have the wrong mattress.

A proper mattress that suits your body type and sleeping style is imperative to the amount and quality of your sleep. Most Canadians don't replace their mattresses every 5-8 years, as is recommended.  So it's no surprise that many find that a new mattress brings added relief.  But just getting a new mattress may not mean you're getting the right mattress.  Part of choosing the right mattress doesn't necessarily have to be about which brand you buy, but how the mattress is made and what technology or composition is in it.

Here is an overview of the three most common type of mattresses to help you choose the one that is right for you.

Coil – Coil mattresses are the most common, meaning there is a firmness, fluffiness, and price to meet every condition. Coil mattresses come in two tiers: first, a continuous coil which is one long run throughout the mattress that never ends...think of  along string of spaghetti.  The second is a pocket coil.  Pocket coils are superior in comfort and durability because each coil operates independently to cushion a specific area of your body a few centimeters wide.  Coil mattresses are also preferred by overweight individuals. The downside is you get what you pay for, and a cheap mattress will not have enough springs to offer proper cushioning and back support.

Foam – Foam is an increasingly popular choice because it can be adjusted to respond to temperature and weight. Furthermore, foam shapes to the contours of the body, meaning that any body type can find comfort. This also relieves pains and pressure points. Potential downsides include cost and reflection of body heat.

Latex – If you want firm, bouncy support that is uniform throughout, choose latex. Latex pushes back to your body and can give you a feeling of floating on a cloud. Some people perceive this to be firm, although the comfort is exceptional.  To soften up the feel you can buy mattress toppers for an added level of cushioning.   We at Harris Furniture recommend LatexBLISS.