Monday 13 January 2014

What's The Right Mattress Type for Me?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like you just fell asleep? This may be because you have the wrong mattress.

A proper mattress that suits your body type and sleeping style is imperative to the amount and quality of your sleep. Most Canadians don't replace their mattresses every 5-8 years, as is recommended.  So it's no surprise that many find that a new mattress brings added relief.  But just getting a new mattress may not mean you're getting the right mattress.  Part of choosing the right mattress doesn't necessarily have to be about which brand you buy, but how the mattress is made and what technology or composition is in it.

Here is an overview of the three most common type of mattresses to help you choose the one that is right for you.

Coil – Coil mattresses are the most common, meaning there is a firmness, fluffiness, and price to meet every condition. Coil mattresses come in two tiers: first, a continuous coil which is one long run throughout the mattress that never ends...think of  along string of spaghetti.  The second is a pocket coil.  Pocket coils are superior in comfort and durability because each coil operates independently to cushion a specific area of your body a few centimeters wide.  Coil mattresses are also preferred by overweight individuals. The downside is you get what you pay for, and a cheap mattress will not have enough springs to offer proper cushioning and back support.

Foam – Foam is an increasingly popular choice because it can be adjusted to respond to temperature and weight. Furthermore, foam shapes to the contours of the body, meaning that any body type can find comfort. This also relieves pains and pressure points. Potential downsides include cost and reflection of body heat.

Latex – If you want firm, bouncy support that is uniform throughout, choose latex. Latex pushes back to your body and can give you a feeling of floating on a cloud. Some people perceive this to be firm, although the comfort is exceptional.  To soften up the feel you can buy mattress toppers for an added level of cushioning.   We at Harris Furniture recommend LatexBLISS.

Monday 18 November 2013

Vokes Furniture Company: Handcrafted and Canadian-Made Furniture

Vokes Furniture is available at Harris Furniture in Parry Sound

Complete the design, functionality, and appeal of your home with handcrafted and Canadian-made furniture. Vokes Furniture Company is based in southern Ontario and has manufactured quality furniture since 1989.  Harris Furniture and antiques in Parry Sound is a proud distributor of Vokes Furnishings.  We have many of their fine bedroom collections on display.

As a family-owned operation, we're staffed with experienced and reliable experts. Whether you are interested in purchasing an individual item or a set, we have access to the solid wood furniture that you are looking for.

Customize Your Homes Furniture

WithVokes Furniture Company, you also have the option to purchase furniture in one of eighteen different colours! Choose from classic pine, solid maple, or breath-taking ashwhatever completes the design and beauty of your home. Whats more, Vokes offers a wide selection of hardwaremeaning that you can customize your furniture with wood knobs, metal handles, or whatever appeals to you most.

Best of all, because Vokes furniture is handcrafted in Canada, youll have the ability to choose from a variety of features. Create a functional set of furniture with adjustable shelving, dovetailed drawers, post catylized lacquers, and more! If youd like to speak with a representative or make a purchase, simply visit the Harris Furniture showroom, or browse our selection on our website.  Once you find a product simply fill out the request form. Completing the design of your home has never been easier!

Thursday 25 July 2013

A Million Reasons to Visit

We have something for everyone.  We mean that.  Really.

People who have shopped with us before often bring their friends & family in on new visits because of all the unique things we have in our showroom.

Right next to our dining room groupings you'll find vintage beer bottles & beer cans from decades past. 
Old Fashioned Beer Bottles

These aren't meant for returns to the beer store for a nickel!

Antique Gaslight Lantern
Part of the experience of coming to Harris Furniture & Antiques is browsing our store and keeping a sharp eye for all of the collectors items available in the showroom.

Many of our shoppers end up spending the better part of the morning or afternoon walking lazily from one end of the showroom to the next, and often back again. 

With such an eclectic mix of both new furnishings, antique furniture, and a diverse array of collectibles for your hobby we've become a destination for cottagers and homeowners in the Parry Sound and Muskoka areas.
Something for the Fisherman at Home
When Customers Say: "We came in to browse & look around".  
Our reply : "We encourage that." 

We know that when you're shopping for furniture for the home and cottage there's a lot of different ways to do it.  You can do the box-store thing and furnish your home with mass produced items from overseas.  

Antique Woodworking Tools
We offer an alternative that is neither snooty or pretentious.  Just fun.

For something different visit our showroom & be comfortable knowing you can take your time, pick up items, Tweet or Intagram them if you want your friends to see the cool stuff we have - and if you like something special we'll be around to help you.

If you're in Parry Sound or the surrounding areas be sure to mark Harris Furniture & Antiques on your list of stops for the day.

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Wednesday 3 July 2013

Our Mattress Mission

At Harris Furniture & Antiques in Parry Sound we're on a mattress-mission.

We want to offer the best selection, prices, and shopping convenience for people shopping for a new mattress for the home or cottage.

With that said we know that online-shopping is part of the process today to find the right features & prices to meet your needs the best.  That's why we are committed to showing you as much as we possibly can without the run-around and hassle. 

We know that cottage country including Parry Sound and the Muskoka's covers a lot of land and that fuel prices aren't cheap - so we put our best foot forward online to help you make the right choice and save money. 

Our product slection is vast - we have the convenience of inexpensive mattresses starting $108 for the bunk beds and cabin and we also have supremely comfortable king-sized gel beds for the master suite for those willing to invest a "bit" more.  If you're up for it you can even purchase online and let us call you to coordinate delivery! 

We're proud to carry Dreamstar Bedding, Marshall Mattress & our new premium line of latex beds, Latex Bliss.  

Shop online today, call us, or visit us to let us help you find your best-nights-sleep! 

Thursday 13 June 2013

Dining Room Furniture & Dinettes for Cottage and Home

Harris Furniture and Antiques has Parry Sound and the Muskoka's finest selection of dining room furniture.  All of our products are craftsman made using Canadian hardwoods for beauty, warmth, and long lasting quality.  
Solid White Pine

Our product selection is extensive, though we display around half a dozen dining room groupings.  When you visit our showroom you will see that our quality is beyond comparison and we can customize your pieces according your needs when it comes to color, finish, sizes, or type of woods.  

Monday 3 June 2013

Area Rugs & Room Decor

Unless you're a trained designer or decorator, one of the most important pieces that tie a room together is all too often overlooked - the area rug. 

Can Persian Rugs Be Made in China?
It's no secret that more and more of North American goods are being manufactured overseas in places like China and India.  With that, shoppers are becoming increasingly curious as to the authenticity of the items that they use to furnish their homes. 

Harris Furniture & Antiques specializes in not only home furnishings, but has a history of dealing in quality antiques so we're able to find great values in both Canadian and non-Canadian antiques.  

We have an eye for quality and that's the reason why we carry rugs from Capel Rugs, Alloray Rugs, and Sigma Rugs.  

We Have It All
Between these three partners we're able to give you a wide selection of rugs in both popular and odd sizes from 2X3, all the way to 10X14.  With our product selection you'll be able to find the right shape (round, rectangular, oval, runners, octagonal, and even basket)  

You'll find everything from our popular lodge style area rugs, to persian, oriental, contemporary, casual and traditional. 

Come to Harris Furniture in Parry Sound, your best resource for area rugs for all of Ontario cottage country.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Mattresses at Harris Furniture in Parry Sound

There can be a lot of things to consider when purchasing your new mattress.  You'll likely want to be comfortable knowing that the mattress you choose is comfortable, durable, well-built, and fits your budget.

That's why at Harris Furniture and Antiques we carry Marshall Mattress & Dreamstar Bedding.

About Marshall Mattress

Visit Marshall Mattress
Visit Marshall Mattress Website
Marshall Mattress is the original inventor of the pocket coil.  Most major brands today reproduce this original design from James Marshall in the early 1900's; a design that received a Canadian patent.  You can read more about this patent and the original pocket coil design here

Marshall was born in England and immigrated to Canada, some have rumored that the Queen has been sleeping on a series of Marshall Mattresses over the past few decades.

If you want to sleep like royalty come to Harris Furniture and try out a Marshall Mattress.

About Dreamstar Bedding

Harris Furniture and Antiques brought in Dreamstar Bedding as an exclusive line that is typically reserved for the hospitality industry.  Some of the finest resorts in Canada and the USA furnish their guest rooms with mattresses from Dreamstar Bedding.  Find this fine product at Harris Furniture and Antiques in Parry Sound, serving the Muskokas, MacTier, Point au Baril, and all of Ontario cottage country.

Mattresses in Parry Sound
Visit Dreamstar Bedding
The reasons why choosy buyers at high-end resorts choose Dreamstar is their commitment to industry-leading mattress manufacturing processes and a commitment to quality. 

All mattresses are are manufactured under strict quality control with imported damask fabric, treated with anti-dust mite solution, orthopedically designed high tempered coil spring.

Don't be confused by the big-box stores and the millions of dollars spent on promoting the big "S-brands"; our supplier partners of Marshall Mattress and Dreamstar Bedding offer the comfort, durability, and pricing options to meet the needs of our customers in Parry Sound and all of Ontario's cottage country.